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5 Star Review | A La Mode Photo

There's only one way to describe Heather at A La Mode Photography - simply amazing! After much research, I chose her because I knew I wanted a pretty silhouette maternity photo...but what I got was so much more than expected (and I have to admit, I am a girl with high expectations!) Matter of fact, I wound up having to bump up my package because there were just too many good photos to choose from!

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5 Star Review | A La Mode Photo

As I was looking for a photographer to capture our last days pregnant, we found Heather and it's like she was sent to us from god. :-) she knew exactly what we were looking for and gave us the most amazing memories that any family can ever ask for...

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5 Star Review | A La Mode Photo

Heather is the best! She is the seriously the only photographer I've ever felt comfortable with. I normally feel really awkward in photos and until I met Heather, I never liked a picture of myself...

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5 Star Review | A La Mode Photo

We just got our daughter's 1 year old photos! I gave her 5 stars after the first time we worked with Heather and I wish there were options for more stars now. It's difficult to find a photographer you want to use over and over again, but here we are 3 sessions under our belt with Heather and each time has been as wonderful as the first!

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5 Star Review | A La Mode Photo

Heather is an amazing photographer and person. I contacted her at 38 weeks pregnant, which is way past when you normally do maternity photos. Because I decided at the last minute to do them, I was unable to find a photographer that could assist me... 

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Heather Hart's photography and expertise are unparalleled. I have been a client of her's for 3 and half years. It is because of her, I have the most treasured pictures of my son and two beloved dogs. She has the uncanny ability to put everyone at ease and get the most incredible pictures you have ever seen. True pieces of art. Anyone lucky enough to have photography by her will have a gift for generations. She is always available, and will bend over backwards to make sure you get the shot of your dreams. Kimberly LaBonte - Santa Monica CA
Your work is heroic! That's why people call you - it's not about a logo, or even your business name - it's about the images! More than that, it's the chord you strike in their hearts when people see your photos. That's why I called YOU! :) Meggan Webber - Oak Park, CA
I am too amazed!!!!!! These are beautiful works of art and I thank you. I am about to call you now.... I am so happy with the work - GIRL, IT IS THE BOMB!!!!!!!! LOVE YA AND THE GREAT GIFT YOU HAVE TO BRING OUT THE BEST IN US. Allison Horton. - Los Angeles, CA
Adrian and I love the pictures, as a matter of fact, I can't stay out of the baby's room from looking at the large one that we hung on the wall. I truly feel the session with you was a good investment for my heart and my little Madison in years to come. May God bless you, your home and your business. Robbie Merriweather, Downey, CA
I can't wait to frame and get your work up on our walls! They'll be SOOO beautiful and a lifetime of memories - not just for me - but for my daughter when she's older and for her children and grandchildren as well. Does it feel good to konw that your work, your creative efforts, permanently "live" on in generations to come? I'm so looking forward to working again together in the future. Thank you so much for your hard work and care.
R. Veenhuis, Malibu, CA

I feel like we've been together for several days now because I've been looking at your images almost constantly (nothing creepy - we're editing your story for our show) ... it looks great.. I think you'll be pleased. As we discussed, we're going to use your photos exclusively in the story and for the series animation (the thing that we run out of the commercial that lets viewers know that it's time for the special series)...only Heather Hart masterpieces! John D'Amelio, Producer CBS The Early Show
Thanks so much for a wonderful shoot. I really enjoyed myself. You are very professional and I can tell that you really love your work. Thanks for making it GREAT! Sara Flores - Anaheim, CA
Thank you...thank you... thank you for my beautiful pictures. I already have them in frames!! You take charge on the beach!! Just remember we are beautiful right now and we are LARGE and IN CHARGE!!!! Shilo Villasenor. - Canyon Country, CA
We are already talking about who we are sending to you for photos. I think that I may try to bring my sisters in to get some prints done of the four of us! You think you are busy now? Kim Nowlin - Thousand Oaks, CA
We had a bunch of fun -- more fun than I thought beforehand -- which is a huge compliment to you. Elliot Berlin - Los Angeles, CA
Heather, all I can say is WOW! You are truly amazing, and I thank GOD for directing me in the right direction and leading me to such a wonderful, talented, don't forget beautiful, photographer. I am absolutely blown away and couldn't imagine that they would be this gorgeous! Your previous customers are right, you need to add me to your website too. :) You have made it very difficult to choose one photo for the baby announcement, we have our work cut out for us, that's for sure. Dionte' and I will make a decision hopefully today to let you know what picture we decide to go with for the announcement. Looks like I have homework...LOL and I don't remember the last time I got excited about homework. Again thank you so much, I wish you could see the big cheesy smile I have on my face right now after viewing the slide show! I'll talk to you soon! XOXOXOXO's, Starr Bryant - Long Beach, CA
The pictures turned out great! Thank you so much for making my husband smile during the shoot. He has a gorgeous smile and thanks to you it was captured in every picture we took together. I really wish I had you as our wedding photographer. But you captured this beautiful moment in our lives and for this I am grateful. Brenda Nario - Chino Hills, CA